Audio Tracks Not On the OST
Prelude - The UMD Intro Track
Victory Fanfare - Mission Victory
Summon Remix - Fighting Summon in Missions

Character Line Outtakes
A little description of what these are might help. These are line outtakes that you won't hear during gameplay but are still in the UMD. The title of each file is what the line is.

Let Go
In Chapter 4 Reno was original going to grab Zack by the arm and Zack would have said this line.

That Is
At the end of Chapter 4 when Angeal gives his speech about what dreams he should have, Zack said this line in the middle of it.

You Remember
Chapter 9 when Zack meets Cloud on the SOLIDER floor. After Zack says, "C-Cloud?!" Cloud says this line.

The Other Soliders Will Be Here Soon
Originally in Chapter 9, Zack was suppose to meet Sephiroth first and not the other Shin-Ra MPs.

Don't Get Cocky - Take 1
The line Sephiroth uses when he stabs Cloud in the Jenova room.

Don't Get Cocky - Take 2
Here's Sephiroth saying it again but in a different tone. I believe the first one was used in the game.