The Crisis Core Request

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I'd like to thank Schala-Kitty for all her hard work at the forums. Also I'd like to thank her helping me with some of the translations for Crisis Core. She contributed to some dialogues Chapters 2, 7 and 9 as well as the Chapter titles. So everyone at Forums please give her big round of applause. Thanks again Schala-Kitty!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Synopsis

Set several years before the beginning of Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core is the story of a young man aiming to become a hero amongst the ranks of SOLDIER. SOLDIER is an organization part of the Shinra Power Company who are usually given the toughest of jobs there can be. Zack, the male protagonist of the story, dreams of becoming a hero much like his hero, Sephiroth. With tough training and great mentor Zack will eventually reach his goal, but when he does its no longer a happy turth, as more mysteries start to unravel. What is a SOLDIER? Are they monsters? Or are they angels? Zack's emotional battles and struggles with his comrades leads him to some very unexpected ends.