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Useful Free PC Software  
CCleaner - Link
A useful tool for your PC to help get rid of crap that's left on your computer by installers, temp. files, and other crap you don't ever use. Basically frees up hard drive space for you.

Spybot Search and Destroy - Link
A very good spyware cleaner and destroyer. Gets rid of most common infections and helps keep your computer health by preventing bad things from happening. Although it's best to use this with Spyblaster.

Spyblaster - Link
A spyware preventor. The best in it's league. Prevents bad spyware from ever being installed. Most of the time spyware is installed while surfing the internet, this little software will stop it from happening. Only downside is you have to pay money to autoupdate, but you can manual update for free.

AVG Free Anti-Virus - Link
Probably the best free anti-virus you can have. Even though it's missing features that Norton and other paid anti-viruses might have, if you use this anti-virus alongside Spyblaster and Spybot you'll have pretty much the same protection as the rest of the other competition. But best of all it's all free. All these softwares use very little resource so having them all installed won't slow down your computer at all.

CCCP - Link
This has no relation to the USSR. It stands for Combined Community Codec Pack. It's probably the best codec pack out there and will help you play anything. Included inside the install file is also Media Player Classic which is probably the best player for playing movies and other video files. Very small and very quick.

MKVtoolnix - Link
Read about it in the FAQ section. It's basically a tool that will help you make my videos AMV-use friendly.