Crisis Core Quick Start Guide

Basic Controls  
Normal Mode
Square: Open Map
Cross: Cancel
Circle: Confirm
Triangle: Open Menu
RTRG: Move Camera Right
LTRG: Move Camera Left
Start: Pause
Select: Nothing
Battle Mode
Square: Dodge
Cross: Cancel Selection/Select Sword Attack
Circle: Confirm
Triangle: Hold to Block
RTRG: Move Selection Right
LTRG: Move Selection Left
Start: Pause
Select: Nothing

Basic Battle Tips
  • Dodge can be used in the middle of an action. So always press the square button to dodge any magic or physical attacks.
  • No need to button mash. It's still Active Time Battles, so they enemy takes time to do their next attacks as well.
  • When you see Red boxes with text get ready to dodge because the enemy is going to launch a special.
  • Always save before a boss. Then engage and find out what kind of boss it is. After doing that you can restart and equip proper materia and equipment.
  • Synth your materia to get better attributes.
  • Do more missions to obtain better items and unlock new stores.