Silent Tweak FAQ

1. When will the next chapter be released?
It'll be released when I have time to sub, translate, time, and encode the videos.

2. Do you have the raw videos without the subtitles? I want to make AMVs.
The Japanese subtitles will always be there, there's no helping that. If you want the videos without the English subtitles, download the HQ version and use a tool called MKVtoolnix. With this you can strip the MKV file of it's parts. Basically drop the file into the program, then deselect the subtitles. Choose the filename you want and make sure the file extension is .mp4. After you've done that hit OK or START. It should be done within a few seconds. After it is done, you should now have a copy of the video without subtitles.

3. Is it okay if I use your translations on my site?
I don't mind if you quote the translated work on this site, but it is in no way "okay" to copy and paste this work anywhere else. If I find you using my work without my permission you will burned to the stake and be punished for all eternity. Oh and if you do use them in anyway, it's always nice to leave a nice link back to here.

4. Is okay if I use your videos/pictures/screencaps for icons/avatars?
By all means go ahead, I left all the photos in every gallery clean of watermarks since it's not my property anyway. It all belongs to SE and don't forget that! But as always to support me please leave a link somewhere so other people know where you got it from. It isn't fair to not share.

5. I can't get the HQs to play!
Download CCCP. Click the download section of this site and hit the download button.

6. There's a problem with your HQs they don't work and skip a lot.
Okay lets get this straight. It isn't my problem it doesn't work for you. You probably don't have the codecs or your computer sucks. So you have two choices, either upgrade your computer or download the MQs. Stop bugging me about it not working.

7. How do I get the PSP versions working on my PSP?
Just drop them in your VIDEO folder on your PSP. Usually it's ms0:\VIDEOS on PSPs 3.00+. If you're using and older firmware it won't work. Please update your firmware.