Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII
Chapter 10 - 俺達は英雄だ - We Are Heroes

Zack and Cloud have been captured and used as experiment samples in Hojo's crazed plans. While in his tube Zack has a dream of Angeal.

Angeal: How can you even call yourself a SOLDIER? I don't need such a pathetic SOLDIER.
Zack: Angeal!! Wait!

Zack finds himself in a much more vivid dream.

Zack: Those wings of yours---lend them to me as well.

Zack finds the strength and breaks out of his test tube. An assistant of Hojo's finds Zack on the floor. He goes to inspect it but suddenly Zack knocks him out unconscience. Zack heads to Cloud's container and frees him from it.

Zack: Cloud---

Zack takes Cloud outside of the mansion and tries to escape.

Zack: What is this? Why is this village still here? It should've been burned to the ground.
Shinra Soldier: It's the escapees! The doctor's experiment samples!
Zack: There's no way a regular soldier could hope to beat me. Cloud?! This is bad. I better finish this up quick. Sorry but you won't be able to capture me.

Zack manages to get them all but used up a bit too much strength.

Zack: This isn't good. I'm in pretty bad shape. Even regular soldiers give me such a hard time---I guess for the time being we'll return to the mansion and recover our strength.

Zack carries Cloud back to the mansion and talks to him along the way.

Zack: Since it's still daylight, do you think we should rest till the evening?

Zack puts Cloud down on a bed stares at him. Wondering why Cloud is still out of it.

Cloud: Uu---
Zack: Cloud---It can't be mako poisoning, can it?! Hey Angeal---Is there no one I can save? All right! First I'll go look around for something for you to change into. It probably doesn't feel too good to have mako attached to your clothes. Just wait here a bit I'll be right back.

Zack runs back down to the scientist he knocked out to retrieve the master key to the mansion. He then runs back up to a room with a dresser and takes a look around.

Zack: Oh! This looks really good. He can definitely wear this.

Zack runs back to where Cloud is and tells him the good news.

Zack: Hey I found something really nice. It's a little big. But hey, don't ask for such luxurious things. Looks good on you.

After suiting Cloud with a SOLDIER uniform, Zack reaches into his pocket and finds a piece of paper. He soon realizes the promise he made to Aerith.

Zack: You say it's only a little but really it’s a lot right?
Aerith: Yup! Will you hear me out?
Zack: How many is it---?
Aerith: Umm. 23?
Zack: Write it down on paper since I'll probably forget.

Zack reads what Aerith wrote on the piece of paper.

Aerith: There are 23 little luxuries. But you probably won't remember. There's only one thing I want the most---to be together with you more often.

Zack realizes he has only one mission left.

Zack: Hey Cloud. I have to go to Midgar. You'll be coming too right?

Zack returns to the entrance of Nibelheim and starts his escape. More Shinra soldiers appear and trying to capture Zack and Cloud. Zack easily deals with them and leaves the town. Zack finds the trail he needs to use to escape is crawling with Shinra robots. Before engaging the trail he leaves Cloud somewhere safe and proceeds to secure the path. Zack finds sniper rifles on the floor and deals with all the pesky robots. Zack finally makes it to the end of the trail and everything is safe. He stands on a beach and looks towards the moon.

Zack: Aaaa---What do we do from now on---? Since Cloud is with me I can't be too reckless---Angeal what should I do?

Gazing into the moon lit ocean Zack readies himself to greet a person who's been following him.

Zack: Yo Cissnei it's been a while huh?
Cissnei: Zack---Are you the sample trying to escape?
Zack: That's correct.
Cissnei: What did they do to you in that lab?
Zack: Well a lot of things. Hey Cissnei did you come here to take us back? I beg you! Let us escape!! I thought I could outrun the army but with the Turks on us it'll be too much.
Cissnei: Zack---I'm sorry. It's my duty. If you plan on trying to escape, I'll---

With much confusion on her mind; Cissnei still throws her shuriken at Zack. Zack quickly defends and draws his sword. Cissnei tries to approach Zack but---

Zack: Don't come any closer. If you plan on following us, then the next time, I'll really---

Zack runs off to check on Cloud to assure he's safe. Cissnei stands on the beach shore feeling distraught by what's she's done. Zack stands by Cloud's side and explains the situation.

Zack: The Army and Turks are around, so moving right now would be too dangerous. For today, we'll sleep here and head out in the morning when there's light. We'll take it slow okay?

Cissnei finds Zack with Cloud. Zack turns around and points his sword at her.

Zack: Cissnei---
Cissnei: He is---If I'm not mistaken he's the other one who also escaped with you.
Zack: Why did you have to come here?! Didn't I tell you to not follow us?!
Cissnei: He doesn't look very good. What happened?
Zack: Mako poisoning and it's quite serious.
Cissnei: It's because of the experiments isn't it?
Zack: Yeah.

Cissnei picks up her phone and makes a call. Zack freaks out but she puts her hand out to let him know not to worry.

Zack: Hey!
Cissnei: Tseng the targets have escaped.

She hangs up and reassures Zack.

Cissnei: That's how it is. So get it together and escape.
Zack: Cissnei thank you.
Cissnei: I have a present for you. I believe in you so please accept this.

Cissnei walks away after giving Zack the keys to a brand new Shinra bike. Zack hops on and makes his way towards Midgar with Cloud in the passenger seat.

Zack: New Shinra models are the best! Those things are still around?

Zack while still on the road encounters Genesis clones. He attempts to engage them but his smacked from the back by the real Genesis and is captures by the clones.

Zack: What the hell?! That hurts! Stop pulling on my hair!
Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts. The Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of light and darkness, she shall lead us to our paradise, along with her gift.」
Zack: My hair?!
Genesis: I heard you were being used for one of Hojo's experiments. He used you for Project S and therefore you inherited Jenova's power.
Zack: Is that what it was?! You can't be serious. It ate my hair.
Genesis: To me these cells are the 「Gift of the Goddess」. With this my deterioration wfill stop.
Zack: There's something wrong with you.
Genesis: After receiving a monster's cells the rest is meaningless.
Zack: The monster is you!
Genesis: 「It is handed down. Your sacrifice and the world's end. Like the blowing winds over an unknown water surface---softly and certainly.」

Genesis flies away along with one of the clones. The clone left behind acts as if it were in pain after eating Zack's hair. The clone transforms into something horrible. Zack readies himself for battle. Zack easily wipes the floor with the clone and walks back to his bike.

Zack: Angeal what should I do?

Zack turns to Cloud.

Zack: Right?

Zack continues his journey to return to Midgar. Half way through his journey Zack travels through a desert. To his utmost surprise he finds himself in a very familiar place.

Zack: What the---?! This is! Cloud I made it to my hometown! This is Gongaga!

Zack enters the city and parks the bike near a broken mako reactor.

Zack: I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to visit my parents. They're probably waiting to ambush me. Just wait for me here for a bit. Mom and Dad do worry me. I wonder how mom's doing---It'll be dangerous but the village is waiting for my return.

Zack heads into the village of Gongaga. Zack walks towards Gongaga but is still undecided if he should visit his parents or not.  Someone comes along to help him make that decision.

Cissnei: Honestly. You sure are carefree with your actions. I'm sure even you realized that they would be waiting at your house to ambush you right?
Zack: Hm.
Cissnei: Were you planning to see your parents?
Zack: Is that so wrong? It's normal, isn't it?
Cissnei: Oh.
Zack: Although---I wasn't really thinking. It's just as you say. We'll leave.
Cissnei: Be careful okay? You'll have to be more cautious than usual. Other than you, there seems to be someone else who has come to this village as well.
Zack: Who?
Cissnei: Angeal.
Zack: I see.
Cissnei: I see? Aren't you the one who defeated him? You're not surprised?
Zack: It was probably thanks to him I was able to escape the Shinra Mansion.
Cissnei: Is that so. So the witness information was true then.
Zack: But what reason would he have come to Gongaga?
Cissnei: Probably he wanted to see you. Other than that, could there be any other reason?

Zack turns and spins frantically screaming to Angeal not knowing if he's really there or not.

Zack: If you're around Angeal get out of here! The Turks are on the look out!
Cissnei: I'll give you 10 minutes. Once time is up I'll be returning to the Turks.
Zack: Returning?
Cissnei: Right now---I just can't do it. I just can't bring myself to tell your parents the sad news.
Zack: How's my mother doing?
Cissnei: She's worried about you. Now that you've gotten yourself in such a mess she's worried you won't find a wife.
Zack: That's so ridiculous.
Cissnei: Nice parents huh? They're doing quite well.
Zack: I see. If they're well that's good.
Cissnei: Honestly.
Zack: What about yours?
Cissnei: I was raised by Shinra.

Zack realizes he made some awkward silence and tries to clean up the air.

Zack: Anyway Cissnei---Do you think you could talk to my mother for me?
Cissnei: That's true. It'd be my pleasure.
Zack: Just don't say anything that would make them think you're my bride to be.
Cissnei: I've already told them.
Zack: How could you tell them something like that! Cissnei!
Cissnei: That isn't my real name.
Zack: Eh?!
Cissnei: Come'on now! Only 5 minutes left!

Cissnei walks away and makes her return back to the Turks. Zack sees something shiny and white off in the distance.

Zack: Angeal?! It's Angeal isn't it?!

The Angeal he sees in the distances flies off to the mountain top.

Zack: Wait!

Zack chases after Angeal to the mountain top. Zack reaches the top and shouts to Angeal but all he finds is Genesis clones! He has no choice but to fight.

Zack: Wait! How the---?!
Genesis Clones: S---Cells.

After defeating the two clones even more appear. But before the new pair of clones can attack him they're stopped by a familiar voice.

Hollander: That person's cells will be most helpful to us! You used to be a SOLDIER. The cell structures have already started to deteriorate.
Zack: Hollander?! You used it didn't you?
Hollander: Yes. Because Genesis was trying to kill me, to continue living I had no other choice. Just a little of Genesis's cells---
Zack: You're deteriorating.
Hollander: That is correct. Although, I'm not regretting it one bit.

Genesis walks up to Hollander with a White Banora apple in hand.

Genesis: The Gift of the Goddess---once we obtain the genuine S cells this deterioration will be of no concern.
Zack: Genuine?
Genesis: You escaped with another correct?
Zack: I didn't.
Genesis: There are two escapees; one ex-SOLDIER and regular soldier.
Hollander: And that regular soldier contains the last of the genuine S cells!
Zack: Hey!

Hollander flies off with the other clones. Zack realizes they're after Cloud.

Genesis puts his hand out to stop Zack from attacking them as they take flight.

Genesis: Do you know the last 4 phrases of the story?
Zack: As if I would care!
Genesis: 「Your story shall be told. Your sacrifice and the world's end. Like wind that blows over the secret water surface. Gently and certainly.」
Zack: Sacrifice? End? Do you have to be so depressing!
Genesis: It's unfortunate that you cannot understand the beauty of these lines. Well I won't force upon you to understand. Even I have difficulty understanding it sometimes. The greatest mystery of obtaining the 「Gift of the Goddess」 is 「Water Surface」 and finally returning to the 「Lifestream」.
Zack: What?
Genesis: The final chapter is lost and with it exists dismissals of its existence. However the correct version is my very own interpretation. I will show you proof of that.
Zack: It's pointless to think about such crap!

Zack dives at Genesis but Genesis manages to fly away leaving Zack with nothing but an apple.

Genesis: Soon you'll understand.
Zack: Cloud's in trouble!! Need to return to the mako reactor. Got to hurry!!

Zack rushes back to Cloud. Once he reaches the reactor he finds Cloud in a big pinch.

Zack: Cloud run away!

To Zack's surprise Angeal comes swooping in to try and save Cloud but is easily knocked down by Hollander. Hollander tries to run away but is chased by Zack. Zack quickly slices up Hollander. After defeating Hollander Zack watches Hollander's life force disappear from his body. He quickly returns to Cloud and Angeal.

Angeal: It's been a while---
Zack: Ha ha. How could you get beaten like that?
Angeal: I can't fight like a 1st Class. I am Angeal's clone.
Zack: Clone?
Lazard: Lazard.

Lazard explains the whole situation to Zack and after a while Zack finally starts to understand.

Zack: So you're the one who helped Hollander escape from Junon? Why would you do such a thing?
Lazard: I thought I would need Hollander's help for my revenge.
Zack: You sure know how to pick your allies.
Lazard: Seriously. I never thought I would have Angeal's cell turn me into a clone.
Zack: Be rejoiceful. You're a descent of Project G.
Lazard: It's quite the mysterious feeling.
Zack: Hm?
Lazard: After having my life taken controlled of, I completely forgot about my revenge. But in exchange---I want to help you---I want to save Genesis---Actually it's a much stronger feeling than that. That's right; I want to save the world.
Zack: It's not mysterious at all. He he. Because this here is Angeal.
Lazard: Ha ha. Genesis seems to be after something called the 「Gift of the Goddess」---Although what is it? No. Whatever it is doesn't matter.
Zack: I really don't get anything he ever says. What should we do?
Lazard: Angeal will guide us---perhaps?
Zack: I see. That's right. Executive Manager.
Lazard: Executive Manager huh? Hey Zack, what's your dream?
Zack: Huh? That's right---To become a hero.
Lazard: Quite sad but a good dream nonetheless.
Zack: What are you saying? Lend us your strength along with Angeal of course. If we all stick together we can all become heroes! At the very least I'll recognize that we are.
Lazard: Well now Zack. Do you know Genesis's location?

Zack looks at the White Banora apples and realizes the truth to Genesis's location.

Lazard: I see.

The feathers fall from Lazard's wing and the three make their way to Genesis's hometown.

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