Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII
Chapter 2
- 俺を裏切ったりはしない - He Would Never Betray Me

After Zack's long and embarrassing moment against a VR Sephiroth, Zack does some squats to relieve himself of the stress. While doing squats in the lounge area of Level 49, Zack's friend Kunsel, a 2nd Class SOLDIER, comes to talk to him.

Kunsel: Zack! You're acting pretty worked up over there.
Zack: It's obvious isn't it? During training---just nothing good---happened. It's pointless to talk about it. Lately, you've been pretty busy right? Everyone else seems to be absent.
Kunsel: Eh? Absent? You didn't hear? The huge SOLDIER disappearance.
Zack: Huh?!

Kunsel continues to converse with Zack and explain the situation.

Kunsel: One 1st Class went missing. Also 2nd and 3rd Classes went missing as well during a mission in Wutai. There also seems to be no information about who did it or for what reason. Because of this SOLDIER disappearance it looks like your training sessions are over.

Angeal walks into the lounge and Kunsel acts surprised.

Kunsel: Oh it's a 1st Class.
Angeal: Zack we’ve got work to do.
Zack: Oo! Sweet! It's been a while since I've had a mission.
Angeal: Come with me to see Executive Manager Lazard. There will be a full mission briefing.

Zack and Angeal head over to the briefing room on Level 49.

Lazard: Zack, it seems like this would be the first time we've meet. I am Executive Manager of the SOLDIER Department.
Zack: It's a pleasure!
Lazard: Hmm. I know this is sudden but---SOLDIER 1st Class Genesis. A while ago during a mission in Wutai, we lost his location. Is there anything you know about it?
Zack: Nothing at all!
Lazard: Hmm. As of now the organization is quite busy, so I'd like you to go and investigate.
Zack: To Wutai?
Lazard: That's correct. We'd like to end this long stretching war.
Angeal: I've nominated you for 1st Class.
Zack: Huh?! An---ge---al! I love you Angeal!

Zack quickly jumps Angeal overly excited. Lazard sits and chuckles at Zack being so childish.

Angeal: Stop embarrasing me!
Zack: Yes, Sir!
Angeal: Once your preparations are ready, we depart immediately!

Zack runs over to his buddy Kunsel who has just entered the room. Zack learns that Shinra is offering missions through Save Points. After Zack cleans up and get his stuff together, he heads on over back to the briefing room and has a last chat with Lazard and Angeal.

Lazard: I will also be departing with you two. I'm expecting much out of you.
Zack: Yes Sir!
Lazard: By the way, what's your dream? To become 1st Class, I would assume?
Zack: Nope. To become a Hero.
Lazard: Is that so. Quite a sad dream but a good dream nonetheless.
Zack: Huh? Come again?

Zack and Angeal arrive in Wutai territory. All they have to do is follow a path that leads straight to Wutai's Tamblin fortress. Before they reach their destination Angeal has a chat with Zack.

Angeal: This path leads straight to Fort Tamblin. We need hurry. Team B is already moving into position and will be waiting for us.
Wutai Soldier: You two over there! Who are you?!
Zack: Leave this to me!

Zack swings his sword at the Wutai soldiers and they go down one by one.

Zack: All right! Next!
Angeal: Keep cool Zack.
Zack: Not possible, not possible at all. Where exactly is that Executive Manager watching from? But then again I guess he won't participate in the fighting.
Angeal: Zack---Do you know of the Stupid Apple?
Zack: What is that?
Angeal: How could you not know---? To not know what a Stupid Apple is just---If that's so then your promotion to 1st Class will be impossible.
Zack: Huh?! Wait! What the heck is a Stupid Apple?!

Angeal walks away towards Tamblin Fortress and Zack follows after him.

Zack: Angeal! Stupid Apple thing, what the heck is it?
Angeal: It's properly known as White Banora. Once a year you could hand pick these off trees. The people of my village are quite fond of them and they named it the Stupid Apple. We used to go into farm and take a couple to eat.
Zack: You're quite the thief to say something like that.
Angeal: I was poor then.
Zack: Say what you like.
Angeal: Even still, I had much pride. The village mayor's house probably had the largest apple tree. The apples on that tree were probably the most delicious but I could never forgive myself if I took one from there. The mayor's son was my best friend after all.
Zack: If he was your best friend, wouldn't it be fine to just let you have one?
Angeal: Pride is quite a troublesome thing.
Zack: So what does this story have to do with becoming a 1st Class?
Angeal: There is no loss in not knowing.

Angeal laughs as he walks away again "Ha Ha Ha" Zack points at him furiously.

Zack: It has no relation right?! It's not something to be laughing about!

Zack chases after Angeal as he walks away. They soon arrive at the entrance of the Wutai Fortress.

Angeal: When Team B sets off the bombs that'll be the signal.
Zack: And with all the confusion happening that's when we make our move.
Angeal: Right. I'll be going to the center of the fortress and setting up bombs. You will go in from the front and then---
Zack: And then? Then? Then? Then?
Angeal: Just do whatever you want.
Zack: Leave it to me! This kind of stuff is my specialty. Grrr. Isn't B team ready yet?

Angeal says a little prayer in his head to his Buster Sword.

Zack: Hey, I've never ever seen you use that sword before. To be carrying it around like that, isn't it kind of a waste?
Angeal: If I use it it'll just get dirty, worn and rusted. That would be even more of a waste.
Zack: Are you serious about what you just said?
Angeal: Yup. I'm a poor man after all.
Zack: Was that supposed to be funny?

BOOM! The explosion goes off.

Angeal: Begin the mission.

Zack does one fancy jump that gets him about 2 feet from where he was standing; quite the show off. Zack storms the front entrance and Wutai soldiers ready themselves. After successfully killing of the front entrance guards, Zack barges his way to the center of the Fortress. Zack quickly makes his way to the rear of the fortress. After a few quick easy battles, Zack arrives at the center courtyard of the fortress and arrives at the entrance of a dojo but is greeted by another fancy Wutai soldier.

Yuffie: First, a people weak in the pursuit of knowledge. Second, those protecting the Wutai homeland. Third, an ugly Shinra SOLDIER. Prepare for your punishment!
Zack: Who are you?
Yuffie: Wutai's strongest warrior! With me here, you shall not advance any futher!
Zack: A kid---? It's dangerous around here. You should hurry back home.
Yuffie: You're the one who should go back home. I told you that this is the end of your progress because I will defeat you!
Zack: I give up---This brat just told me to fight her---
Yuffie: Pow-pow-pow! How's that! Give up!
Zack: ... ... ... Oh no! You got me!
Yuffie: How's that! That was my true power! I will protect Wutai's peace!

Yuffie runs off after believing she's defeated Zack.

Zack: Oh brother---I guess she's just a good, spirited kid. Anyway work, work, work!

Zack now enters the dojo, hoping to find something. But all he finds is 2 HUGE Wutai Monsters! Zack quickly draws his sword and engages the enemies! After cleaning up with the 2 monsters Zacks get a phone call.

Zack: This Zack 2nd Class SOLDIER, no problem here.
Angeal: I'm about done here; we'll be meeting up in 5 minutes.
Zack: Roger!

Zack hangs up and waits for Angeal's arrival.

Zack: Executive Manager Lazard! Were you watching me?! I better hurry!

Zack suddenly gets greeted by a third MONSTER!

Zack: I already said I was in a hurry!

Zack beats up the monster but let's his guard down for one second! And gets smacked and down for the count

Zack: Not good---

Zack is saved! By the one and only Angeal!

Angeal: Once more a loan of my strength. Looks like you got something in your eyes.
Zack: Is---Is that so? Besides that, wasn't it important that you didn't use that sword?
Angeal: Your life is more important than the sword. Well, just a little.
Zack: Thank you.

Zack and Angeal head out of Fort Tamblin, to meet up with the camp but while on their way they're greeted by Lazard.

Lazard: Sorry, didn't mean to keep you waiting. I don't have field experience.
Angeal: It's all right you did make the effort to come out all the way here.
Lazard: I am guiding our military force to the end of this long war. And without fail, I will see it with my own eyes. Zack SOLDIER 2nd Class.
Zack: Yes Sir!
Lazard: You fought hard during your mission to capture Fort Tamblin. Your work appears to be very reliable. To put it plainly, as for your evaluation---in distracting the enemy platoon, you skilfully supported Angeal. For a Second, you had no problems handling this degree of activity. I will request you for the next mission.
Angeal: Zack do you know the difference between 1st and 2nd Class? It is to ask for nothing more than more difficult work as your reward that is what being a First Class means. Do not forget that. Come'on now let's hurry. Sephiroth is waiting.
Zack: Sephiroth?! The hero? Awesome! I get to meet a hero?!

While returning to camp, Angeal, Zack and Lazard are accosted by some strange soldiers. Angeal agrees to handle them while Zack takes Lazard back to camp to inform Sephiroth of this new development. Zack does as he is told, leading Lazard to the edge of the camp where a pair of scouts plan to take the executive the rest of the way. Lazard tells Zack not to worry about him and to go aid Angeal instead.

Zack: Angeal! Angeal!! These guys, they aren't Wutai Soldiers. Summon Creature?! Who the hell summoned it?!

Zack swiftly deals with Ifrit, the summon creature, and does a little victory dance. But Ifrit wasn't completely out for the count. Ifrit tries to get up but is greeted by Sephiroth's swift swing. Ifrit is gone in one hit, blown to pieces.

Zack: Awesome---
Sephiroth: Genesis.
Zack: The missing SOLDIER 1st Class! The same face?!
Sephiroth: Genesis clones.
Zack: Clones?! Human Clones?
Sephiroth: Where is Angeal?
Zack: He was supposed to be fighting here but---
Sephiroth: Hmm he went with him as well.
Zack: Huh? Just now what did you mean?!
Sephiroth: Angeal has also betrayed us, that's what it means.
Zack: That's impossible! I know Angeal very well! He's not the type of person who would do something like that! Angeal would never betray me!!

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