Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII
Chapter 4 - 天使の夢はひとつだけ - Angels Have But One Dream

Zack: Angeal---The war is over. Everyone seems happy. But I'm---

Angeal's Mother: That sword is this family's pride.
Angeal: Your life is more important than this sword. Well, just a little.

Zack: Where the heck have you gone?

Zack gets a phone call.

Zack: This is Zack.
Sephiroth: It's been a while, Zack.
Zack: Sephiroth?!
Sephiroth: Come to Lazard's office.
Zack: Un---Understood.

Zack heads down to Lazard's office. There he's greeted by Sephiroth and Lazard.

Lazard: Congratulations. Starting from today you are now a SOLDIER 1st Class.
Zack: That's weird. I don't feel one bit happy.
Lazard: I guess that's not surprising. A lot has happened after all. Zack, I know this is a bit sudden but I have a favour to ask of you.
Zack: Planning on putting me on another mission?
Sephiroth: Sorry.
Zack: It's fine.

Zack is told to go to the briefing room since someone is there who needs to see him. After talking to a Shinra employee, Zack is asked to head back down to Lazard's office.

Lazard: The company has decided that Genesis and Angeal are to be assassinated.
Zack: You're asking me to do that?!
Lazard: No. The Shinra army will be.
Zack: Then I'll be---?
Lazard: They don't seem to trust you with it.
Sephiroth: That sense of SOLDIER camaraderie will only dampen your decisions and---
Zack: That's a lame excuse.
Sephiroth: That's why I will also be going.
Zack: To kill them?

Out of the blue the Shinra building's alarms go off!

Lazard: We have intruders!
Zack: Where?!
Lazard: Here! Sephiroth go to the President's office. Zack take care of the entrance.
Zack: Leave it to me.

Zack takes the elevator down to the Shinra Headquarters entrance. After getting off he sees several Shinra soldiers getting slaughtered by Genesis clones and robots!

Zack: Why are Shinra soldiers fighting inside of the headquarters?! Is this all Genesis's doing?!

Zack wipes out the robots and Genesis clone by the elevator entrance and makes his way down to the main entrance.

Zack: Dammit! Even more are appearing!

In a few swift motions Zack slammers all the other robots and Genesis clones that comes through the entrance. After fighting several of them for a long while he finally gets them all. Sephiroth comes down to the entrance to explain things to Zack.

Zack: Sephiroth! The intruders are Genesis clones.
Sephiroth: This seems to be the work of Hollander.
Zack: Who's that?
Sephiroth: The technology used to make these clones was stolen from Shinra Science Department.
Zack: Are you saying that Genesis and this Hollander got their hands on it?
Sephiroth: Most likely.
Zack: I wonder---what are those two planning?
Sephiroth: Hollander lost his position as head of the science division. Because of this Hollander began to develop a grudge against Shinra. He's most likely thinking of taking his revenge.
Zack: That's just stupid. So, Genesis is also going to help him with his revenge?
Sephrioth: It's something I wouldn't want to believe.
Zack: Then don't believe it.

Sephiroth gives a big sigh of displeasure and raises his head back up to respond to Zack.

Sephiroth: I'll do that. Well now Zack. There seems to be more Genesis clones in the Sector 8 as well. Let’s go.

Zack and Sephiroth head outside and notice the other Genesis clones ravaging the Sector.

Zack: This isn't good at all!
Sephiroth: We'll split up here.
Zack: Roger!

Zack heads to the Loveless district. Upon arriving at the district he notices a beautiful girl who seems to be in trouble!

Zack: Oh no! That chick is trouble!
Reno: Sector 8 is the Turk's turf.
Zack: This isn't the time for this kind of crap! Tseng say something will ya!
Rude: There's no reason to worry about her.
Zack: Huh?! Oh---
Tseng: How are the other areas?
Reno: Monsters are crawling all over Midgar.
Rude: Even SOLDIER are on the move.
Tseng: Reno, Rude.
Reno: Yeah I got it.
Tseng: Take care of it.
Rude: Understood.

Rude and Reno take off to take care of other areas.

Zack: So even Turks are on the job huh?
Cissnei: SOLDIER have been sent out as well.
Zack: Although we're pretty short handed. Wait---You're a Turk too?
Cissnei: Cissnei.
Zack: I'm SOLDIER's Zack.
Tseng: Zack, aren't you in the middle of a mission?
Zack: Our goals are the same, can I help around here?
Tseng: Thanks but no tha---
Cissnei: Oh, how brave! Tseng. Zack. I'll see you guys later.

Cissnei runs off to another area and leaves Zack with a wink. Zack starts to get really excited about his new found mission. It's not long before Zack finds Cissnei in another pinch. This time it wasn't any ordinary opponent though, it's Genesis!

Zack: This one's a clone too?! This one seems a little different from those masked ones!

Zack fights the Genesis clone and smacks him around hard. The clone loses to Zack's strength. With the clone's last ounce of strength it tries to fly away but before it can Zack slashes at him, taking him down.

Cissnei: To have wings was always my childhood dream. Wings like an Angel.
Zack: A human with wings though is just a monster.
Cissnei: Wings are for people who wish to be free. They could never belong to a monster.

Cissnei takes a long stare at the clone feeling slight sorry for it, and then gazes back at Zack.

Cissnei: As expected of a SOLDIER 1st Class. You're really strong.
Zack: Turks and SOLDIER aren't much different, since fighting is our job.
Cissnei: Here. This is for saving me back there earlier. Well I better get back to work. You also have work in other locations right?
Zack: Location---Aaa---Yeah---
Cissnei: Let’s hope we meet again.

Cissnei says her thanks and farewells to Zack, hoping they'd meet again sometime in the near future and then departs to continue her mission. Suddenly Zack gets a call from Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: After you're done cleaning up in Sector 8 come to the Sector 5 mako reactor.
Zack: Did you find something?
Sephiroth: There's information that Angeal's been sighted.
Zack: Are you going to kill him when you find him?
Sephiroth: The army is on the move but it seems we have some time. We will have to find him before they do.
Zack: What are you going to do?!
Sephiroth: Fail to kill him.
Zack: Really?
Sephiroth: Yeah really.
Zack: You're seriously the best!

Zack arrives at the Sector 5 reactor, and find some weird surprised. He encounters a monster and has no choice to fight it. After defeating the weird creature, he inspects it.

Zack: Why is Angeal's face on this thing?!
Sephiroth: It means that they can make non-Genesis clones as well. Back at headquarters’ training room---
Zack: Eh?
Sephiroth: When all the 2nd Class were away we would all go fool around: Genesis, Angeal and me.
Zack: You were all really good friends huh?
Sephiroth: Hmm. I wonder.

Sephiroth has a flashback of that training day. Genesis and Angeal sit side by side on top of the Junon Cannon. Genesis reads his favourite verse from Loveless out loud.

Genesis: 「The mysterious abyss tis the Gift of the Goddess. In pursuit of this gift we take flight. Within the heart's water surface a hopeless wander will flow. Like ripples to waves come forth the dreams below.」
Sephiroth: 「Loveless」 Act 1
Genesis: Painful is it?
Sephiroth: Having to hear you read it everyday---I have no choice but to remember.
Angeal: Don't go swing your sword too recklessly.
Genesis: Whatever.
Sephiroth: Now. How about putting away that toy sword.
Angeal: As expected of Sephiroth huh?
Genesis: Angeal, stand back please. I'd like to have a duel with Sephiroth.
Angeal: Genesis---!
Genesis: I too would like to become a hero.
Sephiroth: Fine by me.
Genesis: That laxness of yours, how long do you think you can keep it up?

Genesis gets the jump on Sephiroth and starts casting multiple spells. Genesis skilfully controls his firas and directs them at Sephiroth. It appears Sephiroth has taken a full blow at his Firas and in the smoke Sephiroth is nowhere to be seen.

Angeal: Stop this. Are you trying to destroy the building?
Genesis: All I want is to be a hero!

Genesis sticks his palm in Angeal's face and starts casting a spell! Angeal takes a full blow at it! Suddenly Sephiroth breaks himself free from Genesis's magic. Now Sephiroth is on the push and Genesis is being pushed back. Sephiroth with many quick swings of his swords ends up destroying the Junon Cannon. Angeal jumps in and tries one more to stop the two.

Angeal: That's enough!!
Sephiroth: Angeal---
Genesis: You're in my way!
Angeal: Genesis!!

Genesis attempts to break through Angeal by casting another spell, but ends up breaking Angeal's sword. The shard of the sword ends up hitting Genesis on the shoulder and the VR training ends.

Genesis: It's just a small scratch. If I just leave it alone it'll quickly heal. 「Nothing shall fortell my return. Even if the morrow is barren of promises.」

The Flashback ends. Both Zack and Sephiroth continue their investigation in the Reactor.

Zack: So was he okay?
Sephiroth: It was no problem at all; Genesis only had a small injury. Although, Angeal---
Zack: Angeal? Did something happen to him?
Sephiroth: Afterwards Angeal went on endlessly preaching---
Zack: About what?
Sephiroth: It's always the same a lost heart, dreams, hope.
Zack: Oh. I kind of get it what you mean.

Sephiroth walks over to the dead Angeal clone.

Sephiroth: So it's true. You two really are in league with Hollander.
Zack: Why have things turned out this way?

Sephiroth and Zack head towards a specific room in the Reactor which Sephiroth would like to check out first. Zack turns a wheel and the door to the room opens. Once inside, Zack is shocked to find the same clone pod, used to make them, inside the room. Although this time it's an Angeal Clone. Sephiroth starts to search the room for clues and tells Zack to do the same thing, but Zack gets tired of the searching fast.

Zack: Ugh---
Sephiroth: These things here are papers on Hollander's research. It says it gave birth to a normal child, which would mean it was a failure.

Sephiroth asks Zack to look around some more but being the kid Zack is he tries to leave the room, but Sephiorth orders him to continue searching.

Sephiorth: Search more throughly.

Zack comes across a control panel and Sephiroth comes up to him to talk to him. Sephiroth reminisces about the past once more.

Sephiroth: His injury should have been very minor. Although why wasn't it healing as it should? The one who was treating Genesis at that time was Hollander.

Sephiroth and Angeal wait outside the operation room for Genesis's.

Angeal: Professor Hollander, how is Genesis's condition?
Hollander: I've tried injecting mako but it doesn't seem to be working.
Angeal: Is there no other way to treat him?
Hollander: Well first he'll need some blood.

Sephiroth tries to offer his services first but is stopped by Angeal.

Hollander: You won't do.

Sephiorth: Why wasn't I allowed to help? System G SOLDIER---

The flashback ends and Sephiroth continues reading Hollander's research reports. Zack feels he's finished his search around the room and walks to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: The one born out of Project G was Genesis.
Zack: Project G
Sephiroth: Project Genesis. According to the reports here and in contrast with the other ones it states that Genesis is deteriorating.
Zack: Deteriorating?
Sephiroth: And that's not all.
Zack: Clones?
Sephiroth: These things---

Unexpectly Hollander walks into the room, nor was he expecting Sephiroth.

Hollander: Se---Sephiroth?!
Sephiroth: Hollander, so you were here after all.
Hollander: Who do you think will stop Genesis and Angeal's deterioration?

Genesis swoops in from above.

Sephiroth: Genesis.
Genesis: I will not hand over Hollander.
Sephiroth: Zack! Go after Hollander.
Genesis: 「Generously you are blessed with the Goddess' love. To hate the world, even as heroes.」
Sephiroth: 「Loveless」? You haven't changed.
Genesis: The three friends are now gathered. One becomes the prisoner. One will take flight. The last remaining friend becomes the hero.
Sephiroth: That's quite the story.
Genesis: If this were a play, would I take the role of the hero? Or would you?
Sephiroth: You can be the hero if you want.
Genesis: Oh. Your fame should have originally been mine.
Sephiroth: How pointless.
Genesis: Even now that is. What I truly wish to obtain is the 「Gift of the Goddess」.

Zack continues his chase after Hollander and follows Hollander into several corridors before reaching him. Finally Zack chases Hollander and corners him in what seems like a hangar bay. Confidently Zack walks up to a scared and frighten Hollander.

Zack: Do you even know what you're doing?! Doing what Hollander tells you to do?

Before Zack can make his move on Hollander, a Buster Sword blocks his path.

Zack: What do you plan on doing?!
Angeal: World conquest.
Zack: Would you stop the boring jokes already?!
Angeal: Then, revenge.
Zack: Against whom?! Angeal!!
Angeal: I---I've become a monster. As a monster the only thing I can think of doing is world conquest or revenge.
Zack: You're wrong. Wings don't make you a monster.
Angeal: If that's so, then what are these?
Zack: Wings of an Angel.
Angeal: I see. Then as an Angel what goals should I have? What dreams should I have?!
Zack: Angeal---
Angeal: Angels have only one dream.
Zack: Please tell me!
Angeal: To be human.

Angeal thrusts Zack in the stomach and sends him flying. Zack stands back up but shows no will to fight, leaving only a smile on his face.

Angeal: Fight!

Zack carries his long smiles and shakes his head at Angeal. Inside Zack is sadden by the fact he can't save his friend, he longs for his friend Angeal to return him. Angeal casts his materia and sends a spell Zack's way. Zack has no time to counterattack and ends up trying to block the attack. The floor beneath Zack breaks apart and sends Zack flying downwards towards the Slums.

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