Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII
Chapter 7 - ジェネシスは本当に死んだのか - Is Genesis Really Dead?

Zack: Project G was Angeal's mother's experiment. I secured Modeo and handed Hollander over to the company. After that, the company told me to wait for orders and a lot of time has passed. The company seems to be full of nothing but gossip. I always seem to be around the Turks. Though they told me, "By chance, our furloughs overlapped," though I wonder---But, no one says anything about Angeal or Genesis. It's as if it never happened. Everyone, what is a SOLDIER supposed to think? In the future, what should I fight? A SOLDIER's pride, what is it---?

Zack with no mission at hand gets a break from his daily life. He gets sent to Costa del Sol for a nice beach vacation with Cissnei. But Zack being Zack just can't sit still waiting for his next mission. Even on the beach he's training by doing his usual squats.

Cissnei: Want some oil?
Zack: I don't need that kind of stuff. What the hell is this?! Have I been left out again?!
Cissnei: Isn't it fine like this once in a while?
Zack: I've had enough! I think I'll give'em a call.
Cissnei: The Executive Manager is no longer there. Lazard's location is unknown. It's believed that he's been funding Hollander's research. With the company's money no less.
Zack: Lazard really did that?
Cissnei: He did a lot of research on Hollander so he should know quite a bit.
Zack: What is this---
Cissnei: Huh?
Zack: I'm just wondering what everyone is thinking---
Cissnei: Only that person alone would know the truth. But even if he tells us anything we'd be doubtful of what he says is true---
Zack: Cissnei mind going over there for a bit?
Cissnei: Calling Aerith now?
Zack: How did you know? Am I being watched or something?
Cissnei: The one being watched is her. That girl is an Ancient, the last one of her kind on this planet. You didn't know?
Zack: She---never really said anything about it. The last one of her kind on this planet huh? Sure seems that way.

Tseng comes rushing onto the beach.

Tseng: Watch out! Genesis clones are here!
Zack: Genesis clones?!

Zack blasts his way through the Genesis clones on the beach.

Zack: These guys are still around? But Genesis is---
Tseng: Genesis might be still around.
Zack: What?
Tseng: Once the body loses the mind it returns to the Lifestream.
Zack: What about it?
Tseng: It is the spiritual energy that travels around the planet. Genesis's mind right now is---
Zack: So do clones also go back to this Lifestream?
Tseng: That might be possible. Now---Zack your vacation is over. Someone seems to be attacking Junon. You will be coming as well.

Tseng, Cissnei and Zack arrive at Junon. They find several other Genesis clones swarming around the area.

Zack: This is horrible! Genesis clones are here as well?! They’re always causing trouble as they please.

Zack beats up the puny Genesis clones and examines them.

Tseng: Right now, Hollander is somewhere in Junon. It would appear that this raid has something of relevance to him.
Zack: Is it still not over?
Tseng: We'll quickly go evacuate all the residents. Zack you'll be keeping guard on Hollander.
Zack: I'm guarding Hollander? Shouldn't we eliminate the enemy first?
Tseng: Hollander knows of some very confidential information. The President wishes for him to be protect no matter what. Executive Manager Lazard is also missing and the company still hasn't selected a new one for the SOLDIER department. This raid is the perfect chance for him to escape. Zack, we're counting on you to guard Hollander.
Cissnei: He's being held inside the isolation facility on Junon R Level 8. Take the emergency elevator to the upper levels. We'll follow up with you later. We're counting on you Zack.
Tseng: We're still not done with Hollander's interrogation. We can't afford to hand him over to the enemy.
Zack: All right, I understand.

Zack makes his way to the emergency elevator and heads up to Level 3 of Junon. Once he arrives at the floor he witness the dead bodies of his follow SOLDIERs on the floor. The culprit, a Genesis clone.

Zack: Genesis?! No this is a clone!

Zack wipes the floor with the clone. Later a SOLDIER 3rd Class approaches Zack to give him his report.

SOLDIER 3rd Class: The isolation facility that Hollander was held at has been deserted!
Zack: What?! Even the facility has been attacked?
SOLDIER 3rd Class: No, it appears that while the town was being attacked he took his chance to disappear.
Zack: Than you mean he escaped on his own?!
SOLDIER 3rd Class: The timing of the raid was too good, how he pulled it off concerns me. It's also possible that someone helped him escape.
Zack: Where did Hollander escape too?!
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Hollander was last seen by a guard camera at Junon R Level 6. This level here is Junon L Level 6 so he should be here somewhere. He must be somewhere in between Junon L and R. If Hollander is here he'll be using the gate to escape to Junon R. Just push the switch to open large gate.
Zack: Thank you. I'm counting on your to take care of the injured.
SOLDIER 3rd Class: Yes sir!
Zack: You can leave Hollander to me.

Zack moves on towards the Level 6 gate. Two 3rd Classes engage a Genesis clone but are no match. Zack didn't make it in time to finish them off but quickly deals with the clone himself. After defeating the clone he moves onto the gate. Before he makes it to the gate he sees Hollander come out of one of the buildings.

Zack: Hollander! So there are you!
Holland: Dammit.
Zack: You won't escape!

Zack tries to chase after Hollander but is abruptly stopped by Genesis clones. One clone fires his giant gun at Zack. Zack is quick to defend himself.

Zack: That was close. I'm in a hurry here! Don't get in my way! You guys are so annoying.

Zack deals with the extra clones and quickly moves on to the next area behind the gate. Zack sees Hollander trying to open the next gate.

Zack: Wait! Hollander!
Hollander: Hmm.

Hollander opens the next gate and Zack tries to chase him again. Although, Zack is stopped by another one of Hollander's machines.

Zack: Another one of his new weapons?! Dammit, that Hollander!

Zack fights his way through the giant tank like robot and beats it. After the fight Tseng comes into the room to secure it.

Tseng: We're almost done cleaning up with most of the enemies. From now we'll be locking all the doors so that it's not possible to enter. The evacuees we'll be staying here.
Zack: Everything is going smoothly for you I suppose. I on the other hand let Hollander escape again. Well, I'll be going now.
Tseng: All right, we're counting you.

Zack chases after Hollander again past another gate. Zack finally makes it to the Junon airstrip. Before Zack can continue following Hollander, Hollander releases another giant robot on Zack. Zack fights the tough fight and later continues his chase after Hollander. It would seem Hollander has nowhere else to run.

Zack: That's as far as you go!
Hollander: So what will you do now?
Zack: Hey!!

Hollander falls off the cliff but gets picked up by two Genesis clones.

Zack: No way! Dammit he got away.

Tseng and Cissnei finally meet up with Zack but are too late and watch Hollander fly away. Sephiroth also makes his late appearance.

Sephiroth: Mission failed. That'll be a big minus in your assessment.
Zack: Sephiroth! It's been like what 100 years?
Sephiroth: Leave the rest of this to the Turks. While doing investigations in Modeoheim I heard that you came here.
Zack: Oh I'm so happy.
Sephiroth: It seems things are starting to move again. Genesis clones have shown up all over the world.
Zack: How is that possible---? The Genesis clones should have been wiped out.
Sephiroth: Is Genesis really dead? Even in Midgar there are clones appearing.
Zack: Is that so---
Sephiroth: Slums as well. You can go back, you have my permission.
Zack: O---ooo.
Sephiroth: Take care.
Zack: Later. Did something happen at Modeoheim?
Sephiroth: The equipment Hollander was using has gone missing.
Zack: Genesis?
Sephiroth: Perhaps. We'll see each other soon.
Zack: You better make sure of that!

The truth revealed; Genesis lives. Genesis stands on the Junon cannon and speaks his lines of Loveless.

Genesis: 「Your desire, the Goddess's Gift shall foster a life. Your story shall be told, your sacrifice and the world's end. Like the wind that blows over the secret water surface, gently and certainly.」

Genesis watches the sunset in Junon before making his leave.

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