Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII
Chapter 9 - わかった、会いに行く - I Understand, I'll Come See You.

Sephiroth: It's been a while since you've been back to your hometown right? How does it feel? I don't have a hometown of my own so I wouldn't know---
Zack: Eh. What about your parents?
Sephiroth: My mother's name is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me and my father---He he ha ha. What am I talking about---? Well let's go.
Zack: Sephiroth's mother's name is Jenova? Hmm?

Zack and Sephiroth make their way to the inn they'll be staying at. Before entering a young girl comes to approaches them.

Tifa: Are you the SOLDIERs sent here to do an investigation?
Zack: Yeah. I'm Zack of SOLDIER, 1st, 1st Class.
Tifa: Hmm.
Zack: Hmm?
Tifa: Are there a lot of SOLDIER 1st Classes?
Zack: Really only a few.
Tifa: Is it only you two?
Zack: Yeah. Me and Sephiroth.
Tifa: I see.

Tifa finishes talking to Zack and runs off.

Zack: What a weird kid.
Sephiroth: We will begin our investigation of the mako reactor tomorrow morning. As for today we will be sleeping early. The rest of you should sleep as well since tomorrow vigilance will be of the utmost importance. Oh that's right---there's no problem at all if you want to go visit your family and friends.
Zack: Nibelheim---huh?

Zack heads into the inn after Sephiroth. The clerk tells him his room is upstairs. Zack heads up to the top floor and finds Sephiroth starring out the window.

Zack: What are you looking at?
Sephiroth: ---the scenery. I feel as though I know it.

Zack and Sephiroth rest up for the mission they have tomorrow. The next day, Zack and Sephiroth head over to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim to meet their guide to the mako reactor.

Zack: Tifa! You're the guide?!
Tifa: That's right.
Camera Man: Okay everyone say che---ese.
Tifa: You know that I'm the best guide in this village.
Zack: But, it's going to be dangerous! You shouldn't be involved in something like this!
Sephiroth: It will be fine if you protect her.
Zack: Go back. You might end up being eaten. Or at the very least you might faint. But if I use it, it'll get dirty, broken, and worn down. However, hitting the back of blade is effective.

They all make it to the reactor safely, Tifa, Zack, Sephiroth, Cloud and the other Shinra soldier.

Tifa: I want to go inside too! I wanna see!
Sephiroth: This area is restricted to the general public. The complex is full of Shinra industrial secrets.
Tifa: But!
Sephiroth: Take care of the lady.

Cloud, without Tifa knowing it's him, stops Tifa from entering. Zack and Sephiroth step into the mako reactor to start their investigation.

Zack: JENOVA. That's weird. The lock won't open---Jenova?!
Sephiroth: So these are the cause of the operation's abnormality. This part seems to be broken. Zack open the valve please. Why is it broken?

Sephiroth let's Zack peek into one of the pods. Zack finds a---monster.

Zack: Th-This is?!
Sephiroth: Normal SOLDIER are humans who have been showered in mako. You're different from regular people but even still you are human. Although, what are these? Compared to regular SOLDIERs like you there's a much higher concentration of mako in these ones.
Zack: These are---monster.
Sephiroth: That's right. Hojo of the Shinra Company is the one who created these monsters. By using mako energy he created these unnatural living monsters.
Zack: A normal SOLDIER? Aren't you one? He---ey Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: It can't be---I'm also---? Was I also created the same way? Are you trying to say I'm the same as a monster---?

Sephiroth starts to be confused and questions himself. In frustration he pushes Zack away. Zack tries and helps Sephiroth but not before someone else can bud in---

Sephiroth: Ever since my childhood I could feel it. I was different than other people. I always thought I had some kind of special purpose. But, I didn't think it would be something like this. Am I even human?
Genesis: Unfortunately---No. You are a monster.

Genesis throws two firas one at Zack and one at Sephiroth. Sephiroth manages to deflect it easily but Zack gets hit and falls to the floor.

Genesis: Sephiroth. You were born out of the Jenova Project; the greatest monster of all.
Zack: Genesis! So you were alive after all.
Genesis: In my current condition can you even say that I am?
Sephiroth: What does the Jenova Project have to do with me?
Genesis: The Jenova Project the general name for the experiment. The experiment that used Jenova's cells.
Sephiroth: Using mother's cells---?
Genesis: Pitiful Sephiroth---You've never meet your mother and the only thing you ever heard was her name right? I have no idea what she looks like, but what I do know is---
Zack: Genesis stop it already!
Genesis: Jenova is---a stratum discovered over 2000 years ago. A monster. Sephiroth lend me your strength. Otherwise my deterioration won't stop. SOLDIER 1st Class Sephiroth! Angeal was born out of Jenova Project G. Just like me born a monster. Jenova Project S was---
Zack: S---?
Genesis: Was a project created to make the perfect monster.
Sephiroth: What is there I can do?
Genesis: You have no power to create clones. Nor does the gene spread. In other words the deterioration won't happen. Lend me your cells. 「Your desire. The Goddess's Gift shall foster a life」
Sephiroth: Are you trying to confuse me with everything you've just said---? Or is it, what I have been looking for is the "truth"---? Which ever it may be. Go decay.
Genesis: I understand. It's to be expected of a perfect monster.

Genesis watches Sephiroth walk away and walks right after him but speaks his lines of Loveless once more.

Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts. The Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of light and darkness, she shall lead us to our paradise, along with her gift.」
Zack: Wait!

Zack chases after the two but when he reaches outside they're nowhere to be seen and only monsters are left. The monsters have seriously injured the Shinra SOLDIERs and Zack has no choice but to fight his way back to the village. He escorts Tifa and Cloud back defending them along the way.

Zack: Where did Sephiroth go?
Tifa: Did something happen?
Zack: Sorry. I can't say.
Tifa: Right. I'll go ask the other villagers about Sephiroth's whereabouts.
Zack: Thanks Tifa.

Zack and Cloud return to the village inn. Zack sits by Cloud's side until he wakes.

Zack: Tifa is okay; so don't worry.
Cloud: If only I was a SOLDIER too---Zack?
Zack: SOLDIERs are like monsters. So forget about it.
Cloud: What exactly happened?
Zack: No clue. Although I intend to find out. Ah---ah. So anyway is Tifa an acquaintance of yours?
Cloud: Sort of.
Zack: Did you guys talk?
Cloud: No.
Zack: I'm not sure what's going on but are you okay with that? Even I---I'm a SOLDIER therefore just fighting is fine! I can leave all the troublesome things for someone else to think of---! What is there to be angry about? Who is the enemy? That kind of stuff shouldn't matter at all!
Cloud: Hey Zack. I've never seen you use that sword before.

After hearing Cloud speak the same words he spoke himself a long time ago Zack remembers the good old days when Angeal was still around.

Angeal: If I use it it'll just get dirty, worn and rusted. That would be even more of a waste. Your life is more important than the sword. Well just a little.
Zack: Never lose your dreams. Also, no matter the situation never let go of your pride as a SOLDIER.

Zack: This here is a symbol of dreams and pride. Rather, it is just that. I almost lost sight of that. Thanks Cloud.
Cloud: Eh?
Zack: All right! As for now---sleep!

Zack and Cloud sleep away till morning. After waking up Zack runs downstairs to the lobby. Tifa comes rushing into the inn with some important news to tell Zack.

Tifa: It seems Sephiroth has gone to the Shinra Mansion.
Zack: Are you talking about that big mansion?
Tifa: Yeah. It belongs to Shinra.

As Zack walks out of the inn he receives a phone call.

Aerith: Hellooo---
Zack: Aerith?!
Aerith: Finally got through to you!
Zack: Ah. Hey sorry about this but---I'm in the middle of something right now. I'll give you a call a little later.
Aerith: No it's okay you don't have too---
Zack: I understand. I'll come see you.
Aerith: I'll be waiting.
Zack: Mmm. It's a promise.

Zack hangs up and continues on to follow Cloud to the Shinra Mansion.

Zack: Aerith just wait a little longer for me.

Zack reaches the Shinra Mansion and follows Cloud to basement entrance. Down below Zack finds the room Sephiroth is in. Sephiroth devotes himself to reading the research of Jenova. He finds ends up questioning himself more and more.

Sephiroth: ---an organism that was apparently dead was found in a 2000 year old geological stratum. Professor Gast named that organism, Jenova---X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova confirmed to be an Ancient---X Year, X Month, X Day. Jenova Project approved. The use of Mako Reactor 1 approved for use. My mother's name is Jenova---Jenova Project. Is this just a coincidence? Professor Gast---Why didn't you tell me anything? Why did you die?

Zack: Sephiroth didn't come out of the Shinra Mansion. He continued to read as if he were possessed by something. Not once, did the light in the basement go out---

Zack decides to leave him alone and head back to the town.

7 days later. Zack stands outside the inn with the whole village up in flames. He finds Cloud badly beaten on the floor. By the stairs he finds Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Now is the time for the greeting.

Sephiroth walks off towards mako reactor.

Zack: This is cruel. Sephiroth---this is just too cruel.

Zack chases after Sephiroth to the mako reactor. After making his way up to the reactor he enters it and finds Tifa on the floor.

Zack: Did Sephiroth do this to you?

Tifa turns away from Zack in detest. Zack walks towards the JENOVA chamber.

Tifa: I hate it. Shinra, SOLDIER, you, I hate it all!

Zack walks towards the JENOVA and smacks the door down with one huge swing of his sword.

Sephiroth: Mother let’s take this planet back together. I've thought of a very good plan. Let’s go to the Promised Land together. Mother.
Zack: Sephiroth!! Why did you kill the villagers? Why did you hurt Tifa? Answer me Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha. Mother those people have shown up again. With mother's strength and knowledge she should have been this planet's ruler. But those people---those people who took everything. The planet was taken from mother wasn't it? But, don't be sad anymore mother. Let’s go together---Finally we meet mother---
Zack: Sephiroth! What's gotten into you---?! Sephiroth I trusted you---

Zack gets put on the defence by Sephiroth's blade and gets blasted to the lower floors of the mako reactor. Zack and Sephiroth continue their fight.

Zack: No. You're no longer the Sephiroth I once knew.
Sephiroth: I am the chosen one. The chosen one to rule over this planet.

They continue their fight and Zack barely fends off Sephiroth's attacks. Zack gets beaten badly and his sword is lost out of his hands. Zack gets hit back into the pod room. With Zack out for the count his sword sits in the door way. At this moment Cloud takes Zack's sword and sneaks behind Sephiroth - who is admiring his mother - and stabs him in the back. Sephiroth is badly hurt and Cloud rushes back to Tifa's side to assure himself she is all right. A little while later Sephiroth comes out of the room.

Sephiroth: By someone like you---
Zack: Cloud finish Sephiroth---
Cloud: Sephiroth!!

Cloud charges Sephiroth with the Buster Sword but doesn't land a second blow.

Sephiroth: Don't get over confident.

Cloud gets stabbed by Sephiroth's sword but with rage burning in Cloud's blood he finds the strength to overpower Sephiroth and toss him into the pits of the mako reactor.

Sephiroth: This is impossible.
Zack: You did well Cloud---

The two pass out after the long fight. Sometime later, half-awake, Zack finds himself surrounded by other Shinra soldiers along with Hojo.

Hojo: This boy here huh? How interesting. Truly interesting. We'll use him as my new sample.

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