Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - クライシスコア · ファイナルファンタジーVII

Zack arrives at Banora Village once more. Lazard comes swooping but holds his side. He's still hurt from his previous battle with the Genesis clones.

Lazard: Stupid Apples only grow in Banora.
Zack: Why is that again?
Lazard: It seems to be caused by something in the soil.
Zack: Genesis was always carrying a Stupid Apple around. I should have noticed sooner. This place sure has changed a lot. Can you look after Cloud for me?
Lazard: Yeah.
Zack: Hmm? What's that?

Zack sees a long beam of lifestream shooting to the sky. He decides to head over and check it out.

Zack: I guess I jump here. There isn't any turning back.

Zack jumps down and inspects his surroundings. He notices a big hole in the wall.

Zack: Was this even here before? Where does it lead too?

Zack heads into the hole in the wall and it leads into a cave. He looks around upon entering and notices a desk. He walks over and sees a book. He picks it up and takes a read.

Zack: White Banora Juice. National Agricultural Contest - Manufacturing Department - Most Valuable Player. Amazing. The one who invented this juice was a young man of the Banora village named Genesis. Amazing amazing! The young man commented this, "I'm really happy. Although it's not only good to drink as juice, it's also very delicious to eat. It's my dream to eat this apple one day with my parents and my hero Sephiroth. I would like to show the fruits of my success to Sephiroth who is also the same age as me." Genesis---

Zack hears a large roar down the tunnel.

Zack: Is there something I can do?

Zack heads down the tunnel and finds himself in a cave. He makes it too a room but he requires the 7 Gifts of the Goddess. He runs back to the cave and finds them in treasure chests. He goes back to the alter and places the 7 Gifts in their respective slots. A large door way opens and Zack walks through it. He finds Genesis in his deteriorating state; hair all-gray and face all pale.

Genesis: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish becomes my relief.」 You're late.
Zack: 「Loveless」 again?
Genesis: You inherited Angeal's will and received a part of Sephiroth. The greatest reunion of friends has been made. With this 「Loveless」 has been reproduced.
Zack: You're wrong! Open up your eyes Genesis!!
Genesis: 「The end of the world is brought by the duel of the beasts.」
Zack: I came here to save you!
Genesis: 「The Goddess shall fall from the darkest sky. Spreading her wings of light and darkness, She shall lead us to our paradise, Along with her gift.」
Zack: What is that?
Genesis: The 「Gift of the Goddess」. A gift born from the nature that surrounds Banora.
Zack: Wasn't the gift supposed to be the cells?!
Genesis: There are several interpretations.
Zack: I don't understand at all---
Genesis: Those feelings that surround you are also the gift. Everyone, let's all return to the planet. And of course, you as well---Now I will receive the providence of the planet.

Genesis starts gather the energy of the lifestream that surrounds him and beings his transformation.

Zack: Listen to me! Don't ignore what I say! Don't turn yourself into a monster! You---!

Zack stands in front of a new Genesis; a monster. Zack readies himself for a tough battle. Genesis throws clones and spells at Zack and Zack skilfully dodges and slashes away like the 1st Class he is. After a long fight Genesis's monster form is defeated and a reborn Genesis stands before Zack.

Genesis: 「Thy revenge has scarred my soul. Agonizing for its end my wish becomes my relief and your peaceful slumber.」
Zack: Don't tell me that---from the very beginning you were---?

Genesis charges at Zack with what little strength he has left.

Genesis: Fight! SOLDIER 1st Class Zack!
Zack: Everyone's always using me as they please.

Zack furious with Genesis actions, accepts his challenge and deals with him quickly. Genesis goes flying along with his sword out of his hand. Genesis in his near death situation has a moment in a dream. He stands in the misty lifestream and sees the Goddess of the planet. He puts out his hand as if waiting to be accepted into her arms. But she draws her eyes away from him and refuses his request. Genesis falls to the ground and lies there defeated. Zack carries him on his back and heads out of the cave to meet back with Lazard. He finds Lazard sitting by a White Banora tree with Cloud.

Lazard: Shinra came.
Zack: You don't have to talk---
Lazard: I fought alongside with that fellow there.
Zack: You're---

Zack realizes the one who fought alongside Lazard was the Angeal clone who protected him and Aerith from the Shinra robot so long ago. Zack breaks out in tears over the loss. Although he turns around and finds that the Lazard is also about to breathe his last breath.

Zack: Executive Manager!

Realizing he's already gone Zack punches the ground.

Zack: Thank you.

The next day Zack decides to do something memorable for Genesis. He passes around Stupid Apples for each one; Lazard, Cloud and Genesis.

Zack: All right! Let’s eat together! I'm sorry it isn't the real thing.
Genesis: Does it taste good?
Zack: Yeah.
Genesis: The 「Gift of the Goddess」?
Zack: This apple is?

Genesis shakes his head.

Zack: Huh?
Genesis: Angeal---The dream has been fulfilled.

Genesis passes away into a deep slumber. Lazard's body and the Angeal clone's body return to the lifestream. Left behind by the Angeal clone is a letter addressed to Zack.

Aerith: Are you doing well? Where are you? It's been 4 years. This will be the 89th letter I've written but I will not send out any more. I hope that you receive this last letter. Zack! The flowers are selling very well. It makes everyone smile. It's all thanks to you. Aerith.

Zack: 4 years? What do you mean by last?!

Zack screams his lungs out hoping Aerith would hear him.

Zack: Aerith wait for me.

Zack grabs Cloud and continues his journey once more, to return to Midgar. Just before leaving he turns to Genesis.

Zack: You better make sure you stay alive too.

Soon after Zack leaves Banora village a Shinra helicopter lands in Banora.

SOLDIER 1: Having us sent out here must mean this mission is pretty important huh?
SOLDIER 2: It seems it has something to do with our older brother.
SOLDIER 1: Is that so? However will he---
SOLDIER 2: ---agree to join us?

One of the unknown SOLDIERs takes Genesis's into the helicopter and the two fly off.

Genesis: Nothing shall fortell my return. Even if the morrow is barren of promises. To become the dew that quenches the land. To spare the skies, the seas to sands. 」

Back at Midgar Cissnei prepares herself a helicopter to assist the other Turks in the capture of Zack and Cloud.

Tseng: Cissnei! The army is on the move as well. Secure them before they do.
Cissnei: I know. The army is clueless about the conditions of their situation.
Tseng: He'll be alive, I'm sure of it. You will be the one to save Zack's life.
Cissnei: Of course. I still haven't told you my real name.
Tseng: I'm counting on you for their sake. There are letters I wish to give him; 88 of them.

Zack and Cloud managed to find a truck to hitch them back to Midgar. Zack looks at the big blue sky and joshes around with him.

Zack: I'm just joking. I'd never abandon you. We're friends right?

Somewhere above in the musty desert skies of the outskirts of Midgar two Turks, Reno and Rude, fly around trying to find Zack and Cloud.

Reno: In this kind of wasteland it will be impossible to find those two, dazoto.
Rude: No matter the mission we always finish our jobs because---
Reno: We're Turks dazoto.
Rude: Mm. And also---it seems like Tseng has something he'd like to give him
Reno: To the target?
Rude: Mm.
Reno: A failed postman’s job that has taken over a year dazoto.
Cissnei: Reno, Rude how's the situation?
Reno: Nothing at all dazoto.
Rude: What about you?
Cissnei: The same. From here I'll be going to point 235. Reno, Rude go to point 120.
Rude: Roger.
Reno: We better hurry zoto.

Zack and Cloud get off the truck after finding out they're being chased by the army. Zack hides Cloud behind a large rock so that he doesn't get hurt during the battle. Zack walks off and Cloud tries and reaches Zack to stop him but he still can't speak. Zack marches in front of the Shinra army with a smile on his face.

Zack: Honestly. Freedom sure is pricey.

Zack pulls out his sword and readies himself.

Zack: Never lose your dreams. Also, no matter the situation never let go of your pride as a SOLDIER! Irasshaimase!

Zack comes to a bitter end. But even with his last amounts of strength he continues his fight clinging on to the memories of his friends and loved ones. Zack eventually falls and is shot at point blank and left for dead by the Shinra army. It begins to rain. In Zack's wounded state Cloud crawls to his side with what little strength he has.

Cloud: Zack.
Zack: On my behalf---
Cloud: Your behalf?
Zack: That's right. You will---
Cloud: You will---
Zack: Continue living. You are proof that I existed. My dreams and pride, I give it all to you.
Cloud: I am proof that you existed.

Zack hands Cloud the Buster Sword and passes away soon after. Cloud looks into Zack's fading eyes and realizes the price Zack paid to save him.

Cloud: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Zack sits on the edge of a cliff that rises over Midgar. The sky clears and the sun shines on him.

Zack: Hold on to your dreams! If you want to become a hero you have to hold on to your dreams.

Cloud: Thank you. I won't forget. Good night. Zack.

Cloud tightly grips the Buster Sword and walks off to continue the journey to Midgar. Zack's body begins its new journey to return to the planet.

Zack: That girl said that she was scared of the natural sky. But of course it must feel great right? Those wings of yours, lend them to me as well. What's this? It feels great. When you meet Aerith I'm depending on you to look after her. Hey I've become a hero right?


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