Chapter 2

The Engetsu Circle
: Talk to the fountain in the Court Yard of Tamblin Fortress

Zack: What is this?
Engetsu Circle Commander: That is Wutai's guardian deity, the Water God Leviathan. We are the Wutai Special Force "The Engetsu Circle" (Round Moon Circle). To stop the Water God's ruin, we will destroy Wutai's enemies. We love this land that you barbaric Shinra dare to tread upon.
Zack: But don't you know that if we can bring mako here we can help people? Can't we talk this out before fighting?
Engetsu Circle Commander: Do you even understand Wutai's pain and sorrow? Shinra---that unjust organization attacked the innocent people of Wutai without cause!
Zack: ... ... ...
Engestu Circle Commander: You haven't heard the end of it. Do you want to devote your energy to the unjust Shinra? Do you want to devote yourself to tormenting innocent people?
Zack: I, I mean---
Engestu Circle Commander: If you feel even a shred of remorse for the crimes you've committed against Wutai then join with us, and atone for your sin!
Zack: ... ... ...
Engetsu Circle Commander: Of course, you will not be paid well. But you will be devoting your strength to the righteous cause.
Zack: Righteous---? Is that true? Supplying mako and making people happy doesn't seem like a bad thing---I just don't know---but I chose Shinra. Whatever may come, that won't change.
Engetsu Circle Commander: How futile to say such things about the heinous and inhuman Shinra company. To lose the land we were born and grew up in is the same as death to us. For this reason, fighting us will be your last mission! Know the wrath of Wutai!!

Zack defeats the members of the Engetsu Circle in an intense fight.

Engetsu Circle Commander: Why didn't you kill us?
Zack: For one reason or another.
Engetsu Circle Commander: For as long as we live we will fight Shinra. We will take your life without fail.
Zack: Ah, I understand.